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Laura Ashley No.1 by Laura Ashley 100 ml Eau De Perfume Spray for Women

Unapologetically feminine best describes dainty and appealing best describes Laura Ashley No. 1 perfume for women, a classic signature scent from the ‘80s that continues to entice scent connaisseurs today. This lush scent combines floral essences to create a rich, multi-faceted olfactory experience sure to impress and enliven. This scent bursts forth with strong notes of intoxicating hyacinth, a versatile bloom known for its variability from light and airy to deep and aggressive, depending on the time of season. White florals of narcissus, gardenia and jasmine build the floral dimension, while bergamot and peach add a citrus affect. Galbaneum, cinnamon and clove add a reinvigorating air, tempered by the comforting warmth of vetiver and vanilla.