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Bijan Style Eau De Toilette Spray 75 ml for Women

Brand: Bijan
Bijan Style Cologne melds aromatic, zesty and woodsy elements to form a layered blend that is wholly fresh and masculine. The top layer is a seasoned dance of lavender spiriting coolly among the clean rhythms of cloves and bergamot. A zesty pinch of lime adds sparkle and verve to the midsection as it mingles with musk and vetiver. Earthbound cedar and creamy sandalwood combine with crisp lemon to spin an air of manly perfection on the bottom. The effect is the subtle attraction of a casual scent. The lavender stands out with the elegant top notes and draws the attention. The musky and woody elements of the middle and bottom hold awareness with a gentle yet firm hand that melts all resistance. The scent is long lasting and satiating.